Happy Halloween Weekend, beauties! Whether you’re dressing up tonight or staying in with the girls, no look is complete without an amazing lip color – especially on Halloween! If you haven’t heard of LipSense, you’re definitely missing out. This smudge-proof lip color will be your new BFF in no time. Here’s why LipSense is my new obsession:


My New Obsession: LipSense


From pinks to reds to berries, there’s no shade you can’t find with LipSense! There are over 40 (40!) amazing colors of these beauties. So, if you’re looking to go bold for fall or more delicate for the holidays, you’ll find shades from Mulled Wine to Beige Champagne (two of my personal faves)!


My New Obsession: LipSense


The most unique thing about LipSense is that it doesn’t come off until you take it off. Seriously. That’s right…no more lipstick stains on your fall favorite PSLs or S.O.’s cheek. With three layers of any combination of shades from LipSense, you can be sure your pout will stay put. πŸ˜‰ I forgot to mention: with just TWO different shades, you can create 8 different color combos. So you can imagine how many combinations you can create with more than 2!


My New Obsession: LipSense


Looking for another way to personalize your pucker? Any of LipSense’s 11 glosses can change the look of your lips in an instant! Pink-y hues from Bougainvillea or Rose Gloss and mermaid-esque tones from Opal Gloss will truly make you a makeup maven. This LipSense gloss is a MUST to keep your color all day and night long.


My New Obsession: LipSense


If you’ve been using chapstick or other lipsticks for a while, your lips could go through an exfoliation phase to rid your skin of wax buildup – but don’t worry! Once you’ve become accustomed to wearing LipSense regularly, your lips will be kissable and smooth. Keep up with a gloss or Enza’s Lip Treatment, even when you’re not wearing color! Oh, and one tube of LipSense can last up to 6 months with everyday wear…That’s something I can get on-board with.


Have you tried LipSense? I LOVE the combo of Napa and Roseberry with the Sand Gloss (above)!Β What’s your favorite shade or combination? Let me know in the comments, then shop my other lip faves below!

xo Karli