Happy mid-week, Enza beauties! Sunscreen facts…in September?? Yep, that’s right! With Labor Day behind us and chillier days ahead, it’s easy to forget about the sun and UV rays. But don’t! Just because days are cooler and cloudier doesn’t mean the sun has disappeared! I’m here to share must-know sunscreen facts (and myths) so your skin will ALWAYS stay beautiful and protected, no matter what the season:


MYTH #1:

“I can just apply SPF in the morning and be fine all day.”


Sunscreen can break down over time.

Sunscreen Facts: Sunscreen Breaks Down Over Time

Even if your daily SPF claims to be sweat-proof or water-proof, the components of sunscreen lose their effectiveness over a matter of hours. Eeek! And, if you do opt for makeup with SPF built in, you still need to reapply that sunscreen periodically for full protection! I keep my sunscreen in my purse or desk at ALL times.


MYTH #2:

“All sunscreen is the same.”


Chemical and physical sunscreens are SO different.

Sunscreen Facts: Chemical vs. Physical Sunscreen

If you shop for sunscreen simply based on JUST the SPF level (hopefully of at least 30!), you may be in for a surprise when you learn not all sunscreens are created equal! A chemical sunscreen contains ingredients that absorb UV radiation and usually protects against UVA or UVB radiation, not both. Reach for a physical sunscreen that contains ingredients like zinc oxide to reflect UVA AND UVB radiation. Enza’s Advanced Protection SPF 30 is my absolute fave because it is so lightweight, smells great, and is perfect for sensitive skin, too!


MYTH #3:

“My sunscreen from high school will do.”


Sunscreen has a shelf life!

Sunscreen Facts: Sunscreen Has a Shelf Life

I know…like many cosmetics, it’s always tough to throw things out if they seem fine. But, trust me, sunscreen is nothing you want to mess with! SPF products lose their effectiveness after expiration (between 1-3 years), and that could mean sun damage and a higher risk for skin cancer. If that sunscreen has been on your shelf for who knows how long, it’s time to toss it! The good news is if you’re applying SPF as often as you should be, you won’t have to worry about this life-saver expiring!


MYTH #4:

“I only have to use sunscreen in the summer when it’s sunny.”


Sunscreen should be worn year-round.

Sunscreen Facts: Wear Sunscreen Year-Round

If you’re only slathering on the SPF at the beach, now’s the time to change that habit! Rays from the sun are just as powerful on overcast days in cooler months as in summer. UVA rays are especially dangerous when it comes to skin cancer. The intense reflection of sun on snow is also a culprit, so protect your skin with SPF and cover up this winter!


Do you wear a daily SPF? What are some ways you remind yourself to use sunscreen all year? Let me know in the comments, and shop my fall skin favorites below!

-xo Karli

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