It’s officially August! Can you believe how quickly this season is flying by?? I can’t! With (almost) the end of summer comes the beginning of fall…and I’m SO ready. Something that might not be as ready as you are for sweater-weather and PSLs? Your. Skin. That’s right – the transitional months ahead can really take their toll on your largest organ! Whether you think you have oily skin or aren’t ready to deal with the dreaded dry skin of winter, read on for steps to help you know your skin type. Oh, and I’ll also include some tried-and-true tips for dealing with your skin’s ups and downs!


Step #1: Wash

Easy enough, right? Well, be absolutely SURE to get rid of all that makeup and those surface pollutants. Gently cleanse with lukewarm water and tiny circles with your fingers, pat dry, then stop! No continuing your regular skincare routine…yet.

Know Your Skin Type - Wash/Cleanse

Step #2: Wait

This may be the hardest part to get through. If you’re a go-getter-girl like me, trust yourself to be patient with your skin! Click on Netflix or read up on the latest celeb trends and let your face do it’s thing – no touching, picking, or moisturizing for two hours!

Know Your Skin Type - Wait


Step #3: Assess

Time’s up! How does your skin look and feel? Use the following chart to know your skin type, or fill out a super-quick questionnaire for help from the experts! Then follow some guidelines below to find your exact skin solution!

Know Your Skin Type - Assess


If you have oily or acne-prone skin, keep it simple and clear with lightweight serums and moisturizers. While you may feel like you’re doing your skin a favor with heavier exfoliation or more drying treatments, they may cause EXTRA production of oils and sebum. Eeeeeek!

Skin more on the dry or sensitive side? Stick to rich moisturizers and oils! Your skin needs that extra boost of hydration and a layer to keep the moisture locked in. Be sure to avoid products with a high alcohol content or charcoal masks as these can dry out your skin more, wipe out natural oils, and cause extra irritation. Who has time for that?!

And, if your skin falls in that normal (lucky!) or combination category, heavy creams and dry masks can make your random oily or dull spots that much more prominent. Ugh. Instead, try to mix-and-match or spot treat each individual area. For example, a lightweight, daily moisturizer will balance those pesky spots on your forehead and chin, and a thicker cream can rehydrate your cheeks. There’s no rule that says you have to use the same product on ALL parts of your face!


Know Your Skin Type - Skin Care


So, do you know your skin type? How do you manage your skin’s needs? Looking forward to your tips to achieve balanced skin in the comments! Shop my skincare faves below!

-xo Karli

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