Happy wedding season, Enza beauties! We’re well into the summer months and, I don’t know about you, but I feel like everyone is getting married. (I’ve been invited to SEVEN weddings alone this year…eek!) For the big day, it’s important to focus on The Dress, hair, and accessories, but it’s even more important to focus on skin to get that glow from within! Whether you’re tying the knot yourself (congrats!) or just crashing the event as a guest, here are some expert beauty tips to have you looking your best:


1. Find your inspiration.

Do your research! Just like you would spend hours searching for the perfect dress or hairstyle, it’s just as necessary to find that wedding beauty inspo (like this post!) that’ll have you prepared for your big day. Look to your fave celebrity to mimic their makeup style, and test well in advance so you know what you’re getting into! We are LOVING beautiful, blushing bride and Enza girl Peta Murgatroyd of Dancing With The Stars! She rocked this look at her recent wedding! She must be on an amazing skincare regimen to get that kind of glow.

Wedding Beauty Inspo - Peta Murgatroyd


2. Start or ramp up your regimen.

Speaking of Peta’s skincare regimen, it’s best to get your skin in tip-top shape months before walking down the aisle. If your idea of taking care of your skin is limited to soap and water, now’s the time to find a custom regimen that’s perfect for YOU! If you’re set in cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and protecting your skin on the daily, add in treatments or serums! Try products to help rebuild collagen, brighten skin, and leave your skin feeling oh-so-smooth! And, as always, don’t overdo it with exfoliation as it can strip your skin of its natural moisture. Exfoliating your face or body 2-3 times per week is perfect!

Wedding Beauty Inspo - Skin Care Regimen


3. Take care from the inside, out.

Even the most luxurious makeup and strictest skin care routine won’t cover up the fact that you’ve been slacking on yourself! Events like weddings can be stressful, but it is soooo important to focus on your health first. Catch some extra zzz’s, slather on the SPF, watch what you eat, and always always hydrate! No one wants a breakout or puffy under-eyes on the big day, right??! Taking care of your body and your health will definitely give you that perfect glow from within.

Wedding Beauty Inspo - Protect Your Skin


What wedding beauty inspo have you read or how do you best treat your skin before a big event? Let me know in the comments, then shop my faves for wedding season below!

-xo Karli

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