Happy Tuesday, and happy Bachelorette week! Did anyone else catch last night’s premiere?? We’ve been talking about the new guys all day here at Enza! If you haven’t heard (or read my previous post on my top Bachelor picks), Rachel is the new Bachelorette beauty from Nick Viall’s season. She’s a 31-year-old attorney from Dallas with an amazing attitude and gorgeous glow!


The Bachelorette Full Group

I am LOVING this look on Rachel! That sparkling gown brings out her dazzling smile and shows off her figure. With her hair in that envious wave, it’s hard NOT to notice her beautiful complexion (she must have a killer skin care routine). I can’t imagine the amount of makeup that needs to be worn in front of the cameras…I would definitely recommend Rachel do a double-cleanse every night to keep her face fresh and flawless for the dates ahead!


Penguin suit, puppet, and “whaboom” guy aside, let’s check out the men! Here are my top 5 picks to win Rachel’s heart:


Blake E., Aspiring Drummer

The Bachelorette: Blake E

When Blake stepped out with a FULL marching band, I was sold! He may not have had the best, uh, conversation piece of the night, but the effort he put into his drummer entrance was so fun. Definitely brings me back to guys we’ve met before in other seasons!


Fred, Executive Assistant

The Bachelorette: Fred

Can we take a minute for this third grade crush…how sweet! Fred seems like SUCH a gentleman with so many achievements, positive vibes, and perfectly clear skin. Seriously, he’s got to be exfoliating on the reg!


Josiah, Prosecuting Attorney

The Bachelorette: Josiah

Though he’s got a more tragic past than we’ve seen with other contestants, I think Josiah definitely has what it takes to pair up with Rachel (or, at least, be one of the finalists). He’s got the brains and the looks, for sure! I’m rootin’ for Josiah.


Peter, Business Owner

The Bachelorette: Peter

I am SO crushing on Peter (from Wisco!) and how absolutely classy he is! I totally agree with Rachel when she says he’s “cute.” Not only did he model in Greece, but he’s also been in THREE Ironman competitions! He best be using a sunblock with all these outdoor activities he enjoys!


Bryan, Chiropractor

The Bachelorette: Bryan

Can we talk about Bryan?! Rachel’s First Impression Rose (and first kiss of the season…) goes to Bryan the chiropractor. He’s definitely a stand-out contestant as to what Rachel describes as her “hottest first kiss,” (it’s all about the lips!) but does he have what it takes to keep the momentum going? (I’ll give him an extra point for speaking Espanol!)


I can’t wait to see where this season takes us…and to see more of Rachel’s beauty! I have a feeling she’ll be showing off some amazing looks all season long! Which guy caught your eye last night?? Be sure to shop below for ways to recreate Rachel’s look!

-xo Karli

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