2017 is just HOURS away, and you know what that means: time to set goals and resolutions for the new year! It may be easy to think of eating healthier or exercising more, but what about improving your skin? Here are 3 beauty resolutions for 2017 that I (and you!) can try to stick to:


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1: Wash your face before bed

This is something I especially struggle with around the holidays! Later nights out and colder weather make me want to crawl into bed as soon as I get the chance. Who’s with me? BUT, not washing your face before bed leaves makeup and any bacteria the opportunity to get deep in your pores…YUCK. Wake up with a fresher face, and don’t forget your A.M. cleanse, either!


2: Up the H2O

With hot chocolate, eggnog, and even those cocktails around each corner this holiday season, it’s easy to forget about water. By getting in those 8 glasses a day, your skin will look firmer and will glow in no time! Try downloading a water-tracking app or keep your water bottle with you at all times as a reminder — trust me, your skin will thank you for this change!


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3: Break the habits

Finally, the hardest one (I think). Whether you chew or lick your lips, pick your skin, or forget to clean your makeup brushes, it’s the best time of year to focus in on change! Moisturize your lips with Enza Essentials’ Lip Treatment, keep your hands off of your face, and set a phone reminder to clean your brushes at least two times per month. Cutting out bad habits now will leave you with cleaner, clearer skin by 2018!


By setting some realistic skincare and beauty goals, you will see a difference in your skin day by day! Here’s to a more confident, #EnzaBeautiful 2017. What are your beauty resolutions?

Happy NewΒ  Year!

-xo Karli