Fall is here, the leaves are changing, and so is your skin! And although you might not want to think about winter (I sure don’t!), now is the time to start preparing your skin for the colder months ahead. Your summer glow is fading like the temperature, and the season’s transition is ready to take its toll on your vulnerable skin. So, read on to see how to revamp your skincare routine for the weather with helpful fall skin dos and don’ts!


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Do: Detox Your Skin

Now that summer is done and gone, give your skin the extra boost of TLC it craves! Find a scrub or a mask that will gently exfoliate and rid your skin of impurities for the new season. Now is the perfect opportunity to plan a girls’ night in!

Don’t: Overdo It

Be gentle on your skin! Sure, an exfoliating mask feels great and leaves your skin looking even greater, but it’s so easy to overdo it on these products. A mask or scrub 2-3 times a week should be just enough to leave you glowing. 15 minutes is all it takes!


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Do: Change Up Your Routine

The season transition may require a little extra oomph in your skin routine. One way to prep for it is to switch out your more lightweight serums for heavier coverage from a crème. If your skin tends to get a little crazier as the seasons change (mine definitely does), you may want to change your regimen based on what your skin needs.

Don’t: Skip Sunscreen

This is SO important. UV rays don’t disappear just because it’s colder and the sun isn’t out as long! You’ve seen what sunlight reflected off snow can do to a skier’s face, right? Yikes! Pretty please, don’t forget your SPF …all year long.


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Do: Moisturize & Hydrate  

We all know just how dry our skin gets each winter. But don’t let this be another season for rough and cracked skin! Find a system that keeps your skin hydrated from the inside out – like Enza Essentials’ Shea Body line. This gelpolish, and lotion will leave your skin so smooth, you’ll portray serious skin #goals.

Don’t: Forget to Protect

You’ve got the moisture, now lock it in! Using an oil or crème will seal in your hydration all day. I, for one, can’t stand taking the time to moisturize my skin only to have it tight and dry within the hour. Your skin relies on you to protect it from the environment! (Enza’s Liquid Gold is a great pollution solution!)


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Do: Have Fun with Color!  

Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean your skin has to lose its warmth! With a tinted moisturizer, warm bronzer, or even a bold lip color, your skin will be awake and on point all season long. So have a little fun with your look!

What are your fall skin dos and don’ts? I’d love to hear about your skin prep! Be sure to check out some of my favorite fall-to-winter items below!

-xo Karli

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