With classes and meetings and a thousand deadlines, we all know how precious our time can be. If you’re like me, you’ve had the OMG moment of sleeping in just a tad too late (maybe more than once). Kicking on your booties and rushing out the door can be a problem if you want to look your best! So, if you find yourself crunched for time, here are some beauty tips for busy days to get you out your door in 15 minutes.


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First and foremost, take care of your skin. Nothing will wake you up more than a splash of water in your face! Even if you don’t have the time for your entire skin care regimen, remember just three steps: Cleanse, Tone, SPF. These three steps will ensure your skin is refreshed, balanced, and protected for your whole day!



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Hair is truly a pain when you’re running late. First, start with a dry shampoo to tame your locks. From there, pull hair into a super high pony (this will give you the most volume!). Angle your curling rod and curl, section by section, each part of the ponytail. After curling, be absolutely sure to use hairspray – you don’t want your curls falling loose after simply removing the hair tie! (This is where I like to take time to get dressed, make breakfast, etc. while the hairspray sets.) Finally, let your hair down and shake out the curls. Voila!


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Eyeliner. Whether you use a liquid, cream, or pencil, getting the perfect line or wing takes practice (and lots of time). Here’s a trick for the ages: line your lid and curl your lashes at the same time! Start by applying your eyeliner to the base of your eyelash curler (this is the part that will go right up against your eyelid). Carefully line up your eyelash curler, squeeze and flip, and you’re done! Easy.


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Finally, you don’t want it to look like you’ve overslept, right? Opt for this quick makeup technique and you’ll be looking ready and out the door in no time. With a versatile eyeshadow kit, like this one, you can mix and match your colors over different areas of your face. You might use Copper (far right) on your eyes, brush it lightly on your cheeks for quick contouring, and blot it over Enza’s Lip Treatment for a DIY lip stain! All that from one product = a true time-saver.


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What tricks do you have for saving time in the morning? Let me know in the comments, and shop my current time-saver favorites below!

-xo Karli

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