Blackheads are my skin’s worst nightmare. They take over my nose and chin and once they’re there, they don’t go away. Blackheads are tricky because they don’t infect your skin, so harsh acne-fighting products won’t fully purge your pores. You also don’t want to pick at them because all that squeezing and pinching is just clogging other pores. It can seem like a battle you can never win.

So here’s the latest and greatest tips and tricks on fighting blackheads from top dermatologists and aestheticians.

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The best (and probably easiest) thing you can do is get a skincare system that incorporates salicylic acid.  This ensures that you’ll get gentile exfoliation to help break up the dead skin layered on top of blackheads. This allows the dirt clogging your pores to be pushed to the surface. It’s also mild enough to leave your skin silky smooth. Try this oil-free Extraction Cleanser ($35).

extraction system blackheads bblogger beauty blogger enza beautiful essentials

If you find that the mild exfoliation from your cleanser isn’t enough, maybe it’s time to bump it up a notch, suggests celeb aesthetician Renée Rouleau. Use a facial exfoliant like this Fine Facial Polish ($40) in the shower or as a mask to really amp up the fight against blackheads.

extraction system

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If that’s not working, it may be time to break out the full arsenal, complete with a peelspot extractor and mask (rich in oat kernal extract to tone the skin, while purifying it with camphor and sulfur).  Another product you may want to keep on your radar is Glycolic Serum ($75), suggests dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz.

 “Glycolic acid is the gold standard of chemical exfoliants and the best chemical for removing unwanted dead skin cells. By removing dead, clogged cells from both the pores and the surface of the skin, it helps to prevent acne blemishes and ensures faster healing of most existing acne lesions, especially blackheads. By the same process, it helps to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.”

Last, but not least, it’s important to try and see an aesthetician every one or two months for a facial and to let them professionally remove blackheads. They have the tools and the skills to extract them with little-to-no irritation and leave your skin soft and glowing.

Do you have any tricks to removing blackheads?

xx Quinn