It seems as though almost every woman these days carries some sort of makeup bag with them every day. I know I do. There are just some products that I simply can’t go without. Here is what is in my makeup bag right now!

This is an amazing crease-resistant, pressed mineral powder with SPF protection! I use the shade Radiant for my neutral skin, but it’s available in a number of shades for every skin tone.

On days when powder just isn’t enough, this liquid foundation is a total lifesaver! It “diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores and evens out skin tone” all while actually enhancing the health of your skin! Again, I use this in Radiant, but there are numerous shades to choose from.

This face and body lotion illuminates the skin and gives it a shimmery glow. It also smells super good – bonus! I use it mostly as a highlighter on my cheeks and nose, but it works great on the shoulders and legs to give your skin that extra uumph!

This is my go-to contour palette. I have tried a few, but always come back to this one because it is SO simple to use. It comes with easy to follow instructions and multiple shades so you can use it all year round.

This brow filler is waterproof, smudge-resistant, and ideal for sculpting precise brows that are ‘fleeky’ and totally on point. Some beauty bloggers I follow got me turned onto this stuff and now theres no going back!

This eye pencil is the ultimate eyelid primer! I just draw some on, blend it, then top it with my favorite eyeshadows. The white shade, Milk, really allows the eyeshadows to show their true colors on the lids.

The ‘Soul’ palette offers every color I normally use, but all in one spot! I love the warm tones with my brown eyes.

I have been using this mascara for years and have yet to find a better formula. I love everything about it; the consistency, the applicator, the color, the list goes on! I use this religiously every day.

I have almost every shade of this awesome lip stain, but the ones I use most often are Lolita, Bauhau5, Backstage Bambi, and Echo. I’m all about the bold colors! This formula puts the Kylie Jenner LipKits to shame. Although this formula seems sticky on first contact, once it dries I’ll coat it with some chapstick and it stays on until I scrub it off!

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That’s a lot, seems like I need a make-up tote rather than my little bag! What do you have in your makeup bag?

-xx Quinn