We all know the basics of proper skin care by now…right? Always wear SPF, wash your face every night, and drink tons of water… ok we’ve got it. But, sometimes even if we are doing everything right, we still can’t get that glowing skin that everybody strives for and beauty bloggers rave about. That’s where genetics come in to play. Let’s face it, some of us inherited naturally beautiful skin and some of us didn’t. Facials, microdermabrasions, and chemical peels are great tools to bring out your best skin. But did you know that hanging upside down for only three minutes a day could give you that long-desired instant glow

instant glow trick hanging smile glowing skin

Why does hanging upside down work? It stimulates the blood flow and oxygen to the face, encouraging the regeneration of skin cells. The best part? New, healthier skin cells leave you with beautiful, glowing skin. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself! 

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xo Krista