You know that feeling when you look and feel GREAT in that special outfit? The one that, as soon as you step out the door, people ooh and aah over how you look? I’ll let you in on a secret. The colors you wear can be the difference between feeling extremely confident or really uncomfortable. Wearing your best colors can give your skin a healthy, attractive glow, hide imperfections and all around make you look absolutely amazing! On the other hand, wearing the wrong colors can make you look pale and exhausted. It also emphasizes imperfections and causes your face to fade…ekk.

So, let’s move on to the most important part… finding your power colors!

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Are you a Cool or Warm Undertone?

Start by dabbing a pink based foundation on one cheek, and a dab of yellow on the other. Then, spread the foundation evenly on each cheek. Ask yourself, which one blends in vs. which one looks painted on. The one that blends is your match! Pink means COOL and yellow means WARM. A COOL undertone means you are a summer or winter and WARM means you are a spring or autumn.

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Are you Light or Dark?

Next determine whether you are LIGHT or DARK type. Examine the color of your hair and eyes. If they’re light, that means you are a summer or spring. If they’re dark, you’re a winter or autumn.

WINTER – Cool and Dark. Your best colors are bold shades, black, white, red and jewel tones. This scarf I found would look amazing on you!

SPRING – Warm and Light. Your best colors are bright shades such as turquoise, watermelon and salmon. A boatneck lace sheath dress like this one would be perfect for you!

SUMMER – Cool and Light. Your best colors are soft pastel shades of rose, periwinkle and sage. In search of the perfect spring scarf? Check out this beautiful Eileen Fisher organic cotton scarf from Nordstrom!

AUTUMN – Warm and Dark. Your best shades are autumn season colors such as moss, rust and terra cotta. Make sure you check out this short sleeve asymmetrical wrap dress I found from Nordstrom – it would look fabulous on you!

It’s really that easy!  What’s your season?

xo Krista


  1. Kristine says:

    Great post! Thanks for linking to that amazing dress from Nordstroms! I might have to get that! XOXO

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