Tired of that basic nude lip color that’s your quick go-to lipstick fix? Maybe you’ve finally decided to branch out and try something more adventurous. Good for you!  After experimenting with some really cool colors like maraschino red and shocking pink at your favorite beauty store, you finally pick out that perfect color for the new, bolder you. And you look and feel AH-mazing! You’re brimming with excitement to step out in that cute outfit with your new lipstick color. But as you check yourself in the mirror, you’re shocked to see the lipstick color doesn’t suit you at all. Sound familiar? Before you toss it in frustration, try this one simple trick!

lip color, jane iredale

Mix the lip color with a concealer that matches your individual skin tone. You won’t believe the results!

lip color, jane iredale

And don’t forget to change out your concealer as your skin coloring changes throughout the seasons. The same concept applies to your lip color. Your ultra-bright pink shade is not going to be your most flattering all year long nor should you expect it to be!

Happy mixing ladies!

xo Krista

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