As our definition of beauty becomes more transparent and honest, freckles and moles have become features worth highlighting, not concealing. These so called “flaws” are what make us unique, definitely not ugly or awkward. Don’t worry about fitting someone else’s idea of perfection. If you were born with “beauty” marks, start embracing them! Looking for some confidence-boosting inspiration? Check out these stunning women who are making a statement by being their own authentic selves!

blake lively, start embracing

How amazing does fashion-icon Blake Lively look? What’s even more beautiful is her conviction to stay true to her own self!

natalie portman, start embracing

Natalie Portman is not only gorgeous — she’s one of the smartest women in Hollywood. Beauty AND brains? I’d say that’s an unstoppable combination!

kate upton, start embracing

Kate Upton is simply stunning – and she knows how to use her radiant skin and signature beauty mark to set her apart from the crowd.

start embracing

Rachel McAdams brings beauty to a whole other level. Her ability to show off her natural, authentic self is incredibly inspiring!

Moral of the story… these women look incredible and you do too! Our imperfections give us character. Why would you want to wipe out your individuality and look like everyone else? Embrace your uniqueness and be YOU, because you are beautiful!

xo Krista