Some mornings, we wake up and don’t look quite as good as we would like to. I know, I know, life just isn’t fair. But, there’s no reason why you should have to feel that way about your skin when it’s time to start your day! Read my tips on how to feel fabulous when you say “I woke up like this.”

Use an extra pillow. To avoid puffy eyes in the morning, tuck an extra pillow under your head at night. This will help prevent fluid build-up around your eyes, causing those serious bags that definitely are not designer. Another tip? Use Enza Essentials Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee to cool any puffiness.


Do a double cleanse. Ever since I started doing this with my Extraction Cleanser, I’ve noticed a serious improvement in my skin. When you wash your face just once, it only removes the stuff on the surface like makeup and sweat. When you cleanse your skin of those things AND THEN wash it again, you’re actually cleansing deep down into your pores – which will give you your best skin yet.

Extraction Cleanser

Be sure to cleanse twice!

Get steamy. Sleeping with a humidifier in your room will give you hydrated, healthy, and plump-looking skin. The extra steam will moisturize pores throughout the night, making you look refreshed and glowing in the morning!

Salt Eye Gelee

Watch the salt. Although it adds flavor to your favorite foods, sodium is known for stealing the water out of your skin – a SERIOUS tragedy. When your skin is dehydrated, you’ll wake up in the morning looking super tired and puffy – no one wants that. If you stay away from salty snacks, white bread, and processed foods, you’ll be sure to love what you look like every single morning.

-xo Kayla