Ahhhhh… sweet, sweet coffee. Oh how I love you when I’m feeling sleepy. And I’m not alone – many people absolutely cannot function without sipping on you first thing in the morning. But, could you be the cause of acne in adults?


Many adults suffer from acne. It’s annoying and frustrating. Recently, the number of adults who have acne has risen – and some are looking at coffee to be a cause behind the skin issue.

If you fall into the four-or-more-cups-a-day coffee addict group, your testosterone levels increase, which can lead to hormonal breakouts. Coffee also causes your adrenal glands to over-react to everyday stressors, making your stress hormones go a little bit crazy as well, leading to obnoxious breakouts.


So, what should you do now? If you are struggling with acne but need a little extra boost in the mornings, there are healthy alternatives you can do! Try replacing your java with green tea. Green tea has SO many benefits to it. It gives you the caffeine you want while being loaded with antioxidants to keep your skin looking and feeling fantastic.


Another option? Water! Starting off your day with a glass or two of water gives you a serious hydration boost that leaves you feeling awake and refreshed. Try adding fresh lemon slices – this will give you a Vitamin C fix that will make your skin look amazing and taste buds happy!

Are you ready to kick your coffee habit? -xo Kayla