Summer is my favorite season! Everything just seems better – the weather, the clothes, even the food! Eating right is necessary for both a well-nourished body and healthy skin. Here are five summer snacks you should pick up at the grocery store (or farmers market!) next time you’re out!

Blueberries. These delicious berries are amazing for your skin in so many ways. They are loaded with antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals, making your skin look younger and feel softer. Blueberries also help fight acne because many of the vitamins found in the fruit balance oil levels in your skin, leading to less breakouts. AND they relieve bloating—what woman doesn’t want help with that?


Spinach. This green leaf contains TONS of vitamin A and C—vitamin A improves and evens your skin tone while vitamin C repairs and promotes growth of your skin cells. Eating spinach also helps with minimizing acne breakouts, bruising, and discoloration of your skin. Try replacing your romaine lettuce with these leaves, mix some in with your favorite pasta sauces, or even add some to your pizza toppings.


Bell Peppers. They come in such vibrant colors—red, orange, yellow and green. These peppers are not only pretty, but great for your skin too! Packed with vitamin C, bell peppers promote collagen production within your skin, helping fight wrinkles from forming on your face. So go ahead, toss a sliced pepper into your salad for some added color or use them for dipping—it will be worth it.


Almonds. When you need to cleanse and eliminate toxins from your body—reach for some almonds. These nuts contain antioxidants that clean and destroy free radicals in your body, making your skin smooth and healthy. Also, almonds are packed with vitamin E which helps protect your skin from sun damage.


Watermelon. I’m so excited about this superfood because it’s my all-time favorite fruit! Watermelon provides you with healthy amounts of virtually all essential vitamins and minerals for healthy skin. Eating watermelon gives your complexion the antioxidants it needs to calm, tone and regenerate your skin. Another benefit? Its name says it all—watermelon is approximately 90% water. Not only are you giving your skin vitamins and antioxidants but you’re giving it hydration as well. And on a hot summer day, nothing hits the spot better than a slice of juicy watermelon.


-xo Kayla




  1. alifemoment says:

    Thanks for sharing, your post is full of nice tips, I generally eat all the 5 “superfoods”, fortunately 🙂

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    I drink a fresh fruit smoothie every day in the Summer, teas in the Winter Spring and Fall.

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