It’s no secret that glowing skin requires great treatments, exercise AND a healthy diet. I definitely struggle with keeping a healthy diet, especially as a college student with a busy lifestyle. You probably know that eating healthy does even more than keep your skin looking great, like give you energy to make it through the day. Let’s go over some do’s and don’ts for picture perfect skin, shall we?

Pomegranates. This is actually a gem. Pommies are full of antioxidants, even more than red wine or green tea. What?! Grocery shopping, anyone?
Olive oil. Right, I know you can’t exactly “eat” it. But you should incorporate it into your cooking more. Using more olive oil could save your dry skin! (Don’t forget to use moisturizer twice a day too!)
Green tea. Anti-oxidant powerhouse!! Go for at least two cups a day.
Sweet potatoes. Loaded with Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which fights skin-destroying free radicals.
Strawberries. Strawberries are amazing. They contain anti-aging vitamin C and bring moisture to your skin. Strawberries are so easy to add to your breakfast smoothie too.


Salt. This only triggers your blemishes to act up and swell. Ugh, no good. 
Nutella. Ooo sorry! One serving of Nutella has 200 calories and as much sugar as five Oreos. FIVE.
White bread. I grew up eating this stuff so it’s a hard transition to try wheat bread. However, I feel way better after eating wheat bread. After I indulge in too many carbs, the next day my face always shows it. The Enza Spot Extractor saves me every time!
Sugar. Remember my post about glycation? Just about anything with sugar in it will age your skin faster. Plus, the American Heart Association (AHA) says the maximum amount of added sugars you should eat in a day is just 25 grams. (One macaron has 17 grams…)

blogger macaroons

17 grams of sugar in one little baby!

What are you going to do for healthier skin?