Enza Essentials has two special masks formulated to give you flawless, smooth skin. We love them both so much that we decided on doing a face mask face off. One is the Pore Extraction Masque (seen on Anna) which cleanses out deep pores and tightens them to reduce their appearance. The other is the Extraction Enzyme Peel (seen on me) that leaves your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom.


I couldn’t resist showing you Anna’s version of a Santa Clause beard. ‘Tis the season!


Anna said: “The Pore Extraction Masque was such a neat sensation. It wasn’t tingly but I felt like my face was gradually becoming tighter. The weird thing? Thanks to the camphor and sulfur, my pores actually were tightening and being cleaned out to appear smaller.

As soon as the mask came off I immediately noticed a difference in the texture of my face, it felt so smooth. The next day most of the blackheads were removed from my nose. My nose is so prone to blackheads so I’m a happy camper.

This mask contains salicylic acid which exfoliates and decreases inflammation. I’ve used salicylic acid wipes/pads before, but they haven’t given me these immediate results.”


So I tried the the Extraction Enzyme Peel, which is the best feeling and smelling peel I’ve experienced. It even feels soft as I apply it! The reason it smells so amazing is because it uses spearmint and camphor oils.

My skin is blotchy and easily irritated, but this mask instantly calms and cools my face. The blend of salicylic acid, papain and bromelain helps treat my breakouts too, so I love using it during a particularly stressful week to keep my skin in check.

Once the mask was off, I could feel the softness and smoothness of my skin – a rare feeling when you have acne as bad as mine can get. My face never feels better than it does after doing this mask.


All in all, we simply cannot choose a better mask, we will have to leave that decision up to you! The Pore Extraction Masque is on sale for 30 dollars right now! (A $50 value!) So, grab one of your girlfriends, try the masks out and let us know your new obsession! You can thank us later!



xx Alison

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  1. Rebecca says:

    This looks like so much fun, love a good girly pampering evening!

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