We all have those friends or family members who have it all and we cannot settle for getting them the same old stuff they already have. Well, we’ve come up with a solution for you! Pair something you know they already love with an Enza Essentials product they need – and that fits their lifestyle.


1. The Bookworm: This woman loves to stay home and curl up by the fire with the newest Jodi Picoult novel. She can stay up all night just to finish those last hundred pages and consider coffee her best friend. We recommend a personalized mug (for the coffee, of course) paired with the Enza Essentials Anti-Puffiness Eye Gelee (so she can pretend she got those full eight hours of sleep)… OR the Pore Extraction Masque – so easy for her to do while she contemplates how the story will end. AND the Pore Extraction Masque is only $30 now through the end of the year! Score!


2. The Glamour Gal: She heads to the best parties and newest bars almost every weekend. Her “down” time is spent shopping and sipping champagne. Alright, maybe she isn’t that fabulous, but she does love a luxurious life. Your time together is most likely spent catching up on the latest Kimye gossip with manis and pedis. We recommend a fabulous statement necklace paired with the Enza Essentials Lip Treatment to make her lips feel like satin. The Liquid Gold is also the perfect gift for her — it’s seriously luxurious-ness combined with amazing skin benefits to leave your skin silky smooth.


3. The Athlete: You may not think of beauty and skincare products when you first think of her, but every woman deserves to feel and be beautiful. This friend or family member is constantly active – whether it’s finding a new mountain to climb or hitting up the gym every day of the week, she’s the fittest woman you know. We recommend giving her the cutest new workout product and pair it with the Sustaining Toner and Sustaining Glow Creme. These two products will work together magically. The toner will help remove the dirt and sweat after a shower, plus balance her skin’s pH levels. Goodbye, breakouts. The creme will keep her skin hydrated with a gorgeous glow.


  1. Super awesome idea’s! Liquid gold for all my BFF’s! 🙂

  2. Super awesome idea’s! Liquid gold for all my BFF’s! 🙂